I am Tony Tong.
A front end developer
based on Toronto, Canada.

Selected Projects

Governor General's Performing Arts Awards is a re-design project for a high-profiled art event host in Ottawa. The new site helps client to manage yearly photos, videos in a central place.

  • XHTML template creation
  • Kentico CMS integration
  • Kentico customized web part development

Born Free is a re-design project for a major baby products brand.

  • XHTML template creation
  • Mobile version templates development
  • Kentico CMS integration
  • Kentico customized web part development

OPPA Honour Roll is a micro site for police memebers who gave their lives in the services as early as 1800's. This is a part re-design project for OPPA.

  • XHTML templates creation
  • Customized web part development
  • Kentico CMS integration

Simplicity is a re-design project for a private resort in a Caribbean island. The brochure type of design emphasis on openness, relaxation and privacy. The message is present by Gallery, which serves as virtual tour to the house and surroundings.

  • XHTML templates creation
  • Javacripts/CSS coding

Agent Commission Today is a loan application site for real estate agency to get commission before closing.

  • WordPress theme creation
  • Info architecture design
  • XHTML/Javacripts/CSS coding

ITT Pump Appreciation Day 2012 is a public relation site for a major industry corporation. The promotion of Pump Appreciation Day help to build a better relationships with its customers and local communities.

  • Mobile version templates development
  • Customized web part development
  • Kentico CMS integration

The Power Plant is a gallery located at Harbourfront Centre in downtown of Toronto. The re-design web site project was part of its initiative to re-brand visual identity of The Power Plant. The newly designed site is backed by Kentico CMS, which allow clients to update exhibitions and programs information, along with multimedia content such as image gallery slide show and video posting. The site has won Kentico Site of Month in March 2011.

  • XHTML templates creation
  • Image slideshow creation
  • Kentico CMS integration

Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free is a re-design project for Cancer Care Ontario. This Kentico base, bilingual web site helps clients to easily update promotion content and materials for target groups.

  • XHTML templates creation
  • Image slideshow creation
  • Kentico CMS integration

Indigo re-design project helped this No.1 Canadian online book store simplified layout of the content, therefor easy for customers to follow the flow of the information. The new design also make the site load faster and looks trendy. In the first month after the new site was launched, the sales over 15% compare the same period of previous year.

  • Applied new theme styles on existing
    content layout
  • Debugging and trouble shoting on styles
    issues across browsers

Arrival Aeroplan is the online version of Arrival magazine. This Ektron based site gives editors easy access to CMS for updating content in regular basis. It also provide more interactive communication with target readers such as "Like" button in each article, to track favors of readers. In additional, the site can also help sponsors to track likeness of particular products.

  • XHTML templates creation
  • Ektron CMS integration

CAA Magazine is the online version of CAA Magazine. This Ektron based site gives editors easy access to CMS for updating content in regular basis. A contest engine and poll also help to promote sponsors' products and services, and track users feedbacks.

  • XHTML templates creation
  • Ektron CMS integration

Mangos From Mexico is an UI design project. It is modified based on an open source feed aggregator called Gregarius. It automatically generates health headlines from major media and web sites through RSS feeds.

  • Info architecture design
  • User interface design
  • XHTML/JavaScript/CSS coding
  • Video editing and encoding

Lewis & Neale is a leading marketing agency in the food industry. The old web site was no longer effective as a channel of communication between consumers and retailers. The re-designed web site not only enables the agency to add more information, but also brings a better user experiences to visitors.

  • Info architecture design
  • User interface design
  • XHTML/JavaScript/CSS coding
  • Flash movie intro creation

Wireless Optical Communication Conference was an annual conference for professional engineers to exchange information on wireless and optical communication. The 2005 edition was the first version built with online registration and payment function. This version includes a membership management system which allows the program committee to check pre-registration progress and to plan the budget in a secured administration session. The payment function is integrated with Paypal.

  • Concept and info Architecture design
  • Graphic and user interface design
  • HTML/JavaScript/CSS coding
  • ASP/Access programming
  • Paypal payment integration
  • Flash movie intro creation
  • Logo design

Professional Careers . Technicial Skills

I started my first job at Virtual University Design & Technology of Michigan State University as a web project developer back in 2001. After working at VUDAT for almost two years, I moved to New York to pursue a master degree while continuing working as an independent consultant for ad agencies, design boutique shops and local business firms, including GlobalWorks, Syrup NYC, Leadership Directories, Career Corner TV Corp, and Group IV Graphics. After my graduation, I got an offer at Ilions Partner, a financial services firm, as a front-end developer in 2005. Two years later, I moved to Toronto and kept working as a front end developer at Infinite Media and Totem (formly Redwoord Custom Communication). In summer of 2009, I joined re-design project for Indigo Books online store, the No.1 online book sttore in Canada. After the project was launched, I moved to Ecentric Arts to develop web sites backed by a .NET based CMS called Kentico. One of the sited I helped to developed, The Power Plant, won Kentico Site of The Month in March.


  • .NET
  • C#
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Action Script
  • XML


  • MS Visual Studio
  • MS Expression Studio
  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Microsoft Visio

Front End Developer

  • 01.2011 - 09.2012

Ecentric Arts Toronto, ON

  • Setup HTML5 framework for quick build up and mobile ready
  • Developed multiple sites with Kentico V6 and created several customized web parts for jquery interactive functions integrations
  • Re-designed web sites for Born Free and ITT Pump Appreciation Day, and created mobile version of the site suitable for smart phones
  • Participated re-design project for OPP Association web site, build up customized forums used by multiple chapters, and developed Honor Roll micro site
  • Developed a bilingual site for Government General's Performance Arts Awards Foundation
  • Created templates and interactive functions such as image slide show with jquery, and integrated them with Kentico for re-designed The Power Plant web site, which has won Kentico site of the Month in March
  • Developed a bilingual web site for Cancer Care Ontario backed by Kentico, including functions such as background images slideshow, photo lightbox gallery and video postings
  • Created templates with interactive functions, such as sliding content, customized upload themes and in page content scrolling, for Calico Cottage re-design project

Client list

  • Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Foundation
  • Born Free
  • OPP Association
  • ITT
  • The Power Plant
  • Cancer Care Ontarios
  • Calico

Senior UI Developer

  • 07.2010 - 01.2011

Indigo Books & Music Toronto, ON

  • Participate re-design Indigo e-commerce web site project, the No.1 online book store in Canada
  • Work with Business Analysts and developers on layout and style schemes redesign based on business requirements by utilizing C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript and CSS
  • Generate graphic elements for new style scheme
  • Modify and update Account Centre section that manages customer's profile and order information
  • Help other developers on UI fixing up and debugging

Client list

  • Indigo

Web Developer

  • 12.2008 - 07/2010

Totem Toronto, ON

  • Converted creative concepts into functional web sites by using C#, ASP.NET, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Used C#, ASP.NET, XHTML and CSS to design Master Page templates, and integrated them with Ektron CMS for clients including Aeroplan Arrival, CAA Magazine and Home Depot Garden Club
  • Managed and provided tech support for Ektron usage for Sears Advantage and P&G’s Rouge web sites
  • Developed monthly newsletters, deploy and track newsletters in EmailLabs and Dream for clients including Sears, P&G, Aviva, LendingTree and Bank of America
  • Provided tech support for 7 different account teams

Client list

  • Arrival Aeroplan
  • CAA Magazine
  • Home Depot
  • P&G
  • Bank of America
  • Sears Advantage

Senior UI Developer

  • 01.2007 - 10/2008

Infinite Media Toronto, ON

  • Designed and developed cooperation internal web applications and B2C web sites, used by clients including Rogers, Xerox, Scotiabank, Accenture, TTC and Cyberbahn
  • Collaborated with project managers, programmers and database administrators to design web sites architectures
  • Converted creative concept into functional web sites by using C#, ASP.NET, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhotoShop
  • Used C#, ASP.NET, XHTML and CSS to design Master Page templates to dynamically change layout between multilingual versions in Rogers project and Xerox project
  • Used C#, ASP.NET, XHTML and CSS to design in-page multiple content displays and customized print out in Scoitabank project
  • Used C#, ASP.NET, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS to design a Master Page to dynamically change layouts, menus, color schemes and images between main sites and 3 sub level sites in Cyberbahn project
  • Applied several JavaScript libraries to create in-page scrolling, Toggle Visibility effects and other interactive effects in Accenture project
  • Provided guidelines and references for standardization of web site development

Client list

  • Rogers
  • Xerox
  • Scotiabank
  • Accenture
  • TTC
  • Cyberbahn
  • Accenture

Front End Developer

  • 04.2005 - 08/2006

Ilios Partners LLC New York, NY

  • Assisted business analysts in designing new functions and customized features for a web-based Investor Relations application, used by clients including GE, Comcast, Coca Cola and Yahoo
  • Collaborated with database administrator to implement data modifications in MS Server 2000
  • Utilized C#, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PhotoShop to develop application’s user interface, constructed new web pages, including dynamic and interactive content, fixing or modifying existing web pages
  • Provided trouble shootings and debugging on existing application
  • Designed Flash multimedia brochures for financial industry trade shows

Client list

  • GE
  • Comcast
  • Coca Cola
  • Yahoo


  • 08.2002 - 04/2005

TYiD New York, NY

  • Helped clients analyze and define business objective of company web sites, then develop corresponding communication strategies
  • Conceptualized and designed information architecture for 12 web sites, utilized PhotoShop and Flash to create interface and layout, and used XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to construct web sites
  • Utilized PHP and MySQL to create Content Management Systems
  • Provided consultation and administration support on clients’ web hosting servers
  • Worked with professional media firms and interactive agencies, including GlobalWorks, Syrup NYC, Leadership Directories, Career Corner TV and Group IV Graphics for web development projects

Client list

  • GlobalWorks
  • Syrup NYC
  • Leadership Directories
  • Career Corner TV
  • Group IV Graphics

Project Developer

  • 01.2001 - 06/2002

Virtual University Design & Technology E.Lansing, MI

  • Assisted senior producers to plan and design site architectures for 15 online college courses
  • Collaborated with programmers and artists to create interface, and delivered course content
  • Facilitated video shooting laboratory experiments, used Premiere and Final Cut Pro to edit video and produce delivery format for online streaming and CD-ROM
  • Utilized HTML, JavaScript, Flash and PhotoShop to update and maintain content of 10 courses

Client list

  • Michigan State University

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